A neuroscience-based course that creates immediate and lasting impact

This powerful training uses our simple, easy-to-remember framework to shed light on how unconscious bias gets hard-wired into the brain and guides you to activate and strengthen the neural networks that enable you to counteract biases.

What you will learn

By taking this course, you will gain practical knowledge, tools, and techniques to understand the widespread phenomenon of unconscious bias, to deconstruct your own biases, and to more effectively recognize, navigate, and change biased policies and systems. 

Through our experiential exercises, you will learn to discern how the neural mechanisms that give rise to unconscious bias correspond to sensations in your body and to narratives in your mind, so that you can be mindful when biases arise in your everyday professional and personal life. 

The course also guides you through techniques to activate neural pathways that enable you to counteract biases and more effectively engage with people whose perspectives and backgrounds may be very different from your own.

At the end of this course, you will: 

  • Understand how the associative activation of neurons leads to the formation of unconscious bias.
  • Observe and sense how biases are marked by emotional valence and are associated with three patterns of brain activation.
  • Identify patterns for “universal” biases that are hard-wired into the human brain.
  • Understand the effects of social conditioning, power dynamics, and intersectionality on career progression, and apply neuroscience and mindfulness to address and counter these effects.


Course Outline

This course is built around our original NOTE framework to deconstruct unconscious bias.

  • NOTICE the subtle signs of bias arising by being aware of associations, valence, and brain activation.

  • OPEN minds using curiosity to explore how biases are hard-wired into our “autopilot,” often as social narratives and life scripts.

  • TUNE IN to compassionately hold space to process charged emotions and calm amygdala hijacks triggered by past experiences of stigma, stereotyping, and shame.

  • ENGAGE by activating neural pathways that enable us to embody our core values and respond with wisdom and compassion to create a more effective, genuinely inclusive, and collaborative path forward.

Course curriculum


Author & Founder, Calm Clarity

Due Quach

(Pronounced ‘Zway Kwok’) An inspiring social entrepreneur and mental health advocate, Due is the author of Calm Clarity: How to Use Science to Rewire Your Brain for Greater Wisdom, Fulfillment and Joy, one of Fast Company’s best business books of 2018. Her social enterprise, also named Calm Clarity, uses neuroscience and mindfulness to guide organizations and individuals to address unconscious bias and systemic inequity, develop leadership and resilience, and foster genuine inclusion. Having started life in poverty as a refugee in inner-city Philadelphia, Due turned to neuroscience to heal the long-term effects of trauma, graduate from Harvard College and the Wharton School of Business, and build a successful international business career, before turning her focus to Calm Clarity.

About Calm Clarity

Who we are

Calm Clarity is a social enterprise guided by a vision of an inclusive society where human beings of every skin color, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status are valued and nurtured to thrive, discover and develop their gifts and talents, and realize their full potential. 

In support of this vision, Calm Clarity combines insights from neuroscience and mindfulness to foster genuine inclusion, address unconscious bias and systemic inequity, and improve mental health and well-being.

We provide training, consulting, and other resources to guide people and organizations to develop and strengthen neural networks we refer to as "Brain 3.0" that enable people to more effectively realize a greater vision and purpose, navigate challenges and crises, and embody their core values and aspirations.

We teach practical techniques and tools to develop inclusive leadership and emotional intelligence, and to enable human beings to see and change social narratives and limiting patterns that keep us from realizing our full potential and becoming the highest expression of who we can be.

We also help leaders and organizations harness Brain 3.0 to better understand and address societal challenges such as socioeconomic, racial, and gender disparities, intersectionality, and mental health. Furthermore, we guide people to use Brain 3.0 to co-create transformation at the individual, organizational, community, and systemic levels that move us towards collective well-being.

Through our non-profit initiatives, we create social impact and socioeconomic inclusion by supporting diverse groups facing financial hardship and adversity to develop and strengthen Brain 3.0 so that they can more readily navigate challenges, improve their lives, and positively impact their community. 

The fees from this course support our non-profit initiatives to address systemic inequities and improve collective mental health and well-being.

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